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Campaign Grotesk
12 Fonts


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Campaign marks the sixth family released from p.sType. This time around they delve into the densely populated waters of the grotesk—searching for new ways to breathe life into a deeply explored genre. Campaign achieves it’s own voice by owning its quirks and embracing its chunk. Steering clear of anything remotely clumsey and instead relying on stout proportions and ample body structure to deliver a hard working and thoughtfully composed creation.

The family currently consists of 6 weights ramping from thin to black, each weight having a matching oblique. Campaign is as an ongoing endevour with continued development planned. A forthcoming stencil version as well as condensed and compressed widths for use in headlines and more space demanding situations are not far off.

Campaign will be ready for prime time and released very soon.

Need an Individual Style? Buying Options Coming Soon. (send an email if you need something sooner)

Single Fonts

Campaign Grotesk - Thin
Campaign Grotesk - Light
Campaign Grotesk - Regular
Campaign Grotesk - Medium
Campaign Grotesk - Bold
Campaign Grotesk - Black

Weight Sets - 2 fonts (Roman + Italic)

Campaign Grotesk - Thin
Campaign Grotesk - Light
Campaign Grotesk - Regular
Campaign Grotesk - Medium
Campaign Grotesk - Bold
Campaign Grotesk - Black